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SOME DRUG OFFENDERS ARE PUNISHED HARDER THAN OTHERS   LEARN WHICH DRUG CASES CAN GET A FINE OR PROBATION   WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT DRUG CHARGES IN TENNESSEE? The Seven Major Controlled Substances Laws Are: (1)    Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Simple unlawful possession is defined as the knowingly possessing of, or casual exchange,… [Continue Reading]

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Social Security and Disability Issues

At Waggoner Law Firm we can help you with your social security and disability claims. We understand it can be difficult to deal with the government when you are hurt or disabled, and we want to help you get what you are entitled to. The government has a system to handle claims for Social Security… [Continue Reading]


Administrative Judge Hearing

Administrative Judge Hearing If you are unable to get a favorable decision in the reconsideration of your case, you can ask for an appeal. We will help you in the process by requesting that an administrative law judge look at your case. The administrative law judge is an impartial judge that has had no part… [Continue Reading]

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Video Hearings

You can request a video hearing if you are unable to attend your hearing in person

Video Conference Hearing

The Social Security Administration also allows for video conference hearings. The Social Security Administration will inform you of ahead of time. They use video hearings in order to get you a hearing faster or to make the hearing at a more convenient place for you. The video hearings can also be used for any witnesses… [Continue Reading]