Social Security Claim Reconsideration


Reconsideration is the first stage of the appeal process. A member of the Social Security Administration that had no part in your initial case will review the case. The review process looks at of the evidence that was presented in your initial claim. They will also look at new evidence. If your initial claim is denied, it could be important to have more information for them to use as evidence. We will go over your case with you and help you give them any information that was left out of or needs to be explained in your initial case. After they have had time to look at the facts in your case, they make a decision and send out a letter explaining their decisions.

Hopefully, you have gotten what you deserved after your claim was reconsidered, but don’t panic if you still feel like you are being treated unfairly. We can help you. Contact the Waggoner Law Firm, and we will help you through the next phase of the Social Security Disability Appeals Process. Make an appointment with our office, so we can help you get the disability that you feel you deserve.